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FSX AI parking a little off at KPVD


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Hello Simmers!,


So I just recently got Flightzone 01 Rhode Island to work on my FSX. The scenery looks great, but there is just one rather annoying problem. All of the AI are parking on the taxiway and grass directly behind the gates. Anyone know how to fix this? Ive read something about editing the aircraft cfg's but I have never done any work to them in those kinds of areas. Someone help! I would love to see traffic at my state airport. Thank!

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The first thing I would check, and I just did check one of my WOAI aircraft, look in the aicraft.cfg in the [Fltsim.X] for the type of parking that's stated. It should look something like this:



atc_parking_codes=KLM (Or other airline designation)

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Hello! I have one more step that you have to do.


They have extra parking on the ramp that should NOT be there. You can open it in any airport editor and remove those extra spots. It's a pest, but I have done it with mine and it works well.


Also, you might want to go through and delete the "tree" files you find. The trees in my sim on the FSX side cause clear boxes around them which just isn't right.


Hope this helps you!



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