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Ok, some one tell me the secret or shoot me before i throw my pc out the window. I have been trying to sign in to Steam for about 3 hours now. I have changed passwords no less than 10 times. They send me one, i enter it, it says wrong password. Finally i get one that works and now you have to enter the characters you see in this line, you all know about that. I can see them clear as a bell but it says, nope that's wrong. What the hell is the secret to entering those characters. Honest to Pete, i am steamed as hell at Steam and then you have such a hard time getting into support. You have to create a separate account for steam report and i had to go through the whole charade again and now, three hours later i still have not gotten on to the site. Any words of wisdow?


I mean other than take to aspirins and then shoot yourself?

Brian W.


I5-8400, EVGA GTX 1070.ti, 16 gigs ram, 500g Samsung SSD, 1.5 T HDD, 1 T HDD, Win 10, 64bit.

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