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Another Super Traffic View Board Question.


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I read a few of the threads doing a search, I have an oldish version of TVB for FSX that I had on a disk I saved a while ago.


It is version 2, it installed OK but it isn't working like the version for FS9, I have FSX in windowed mode, I select an aircraft to view but then I zoom off the airfield, I have to return to base quick, when the the ai aircraft starts to taxi again I can't follow it.

I either must have the settings wrong or there is something else I need to do, I have the Net frameworks and SP's installed as well by the way.


Any help appreciated.


Forgot to add, I also have the paid version of FUIPC and for some reason that isn't showing on the menu bar, it was there yesterday.

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I have it working properly now, I got the free upgrade and that made a difference, also I had to reinstall the SDK and SP1 again.


Still not got the FSUIPC on the menu bar, it's installed but not showing, another minor glitch to resolve lol.

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