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Captainsim 727 DME Inoperative

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Hi all,


At the moment I'm flying the Captainsim 727 from MEL to SYD using VOR to VOR navigation. The plane seems to be tracking the VORs ok, however the DME indicator is just "----". Any ideas on how to get it working?


The plane is setup as follows.

Both NAV radios set to the VOR.

Flight Director Mode to NAV/LOC

Autopilot Mode to NAV/LOC

Both ADF/VOR selectors to VOR




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Assuming you use the built-in FSX flight planner:


when hovering the cursor over the station, an info window will appear.

When it says just VOR, it has no DME. When it says VOR/DME it has.


The symbol also differs: a VOR is an hexagon (like WLE in the pic), a VOR/DME is an hexagon enclosed by a square (like CB).

For completeness : a single square indicates a DME (no VOR).




As for the range, also in the info window, in parentheses an extra text is shown.

When it reads (High altitude) : range is 195 Nm, (Low altitude) : range 60 Nm and (Terminal) : range 37.5 Nm.



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If you want, use your GPS and enter DIRECT, and the VOR identifier, press ENTER. it will then show range and bearing to the VOR.


In real life, you would use a 2nd VOR to determine a fix along your route: two lines of bearing determine a fix.


you need to read up on the use of two VORs to determine a fix - not to hard to find info on the web.

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