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Advice on changing scenery.


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I have VFR scenery installed but wanted to try ORBX ground textures, should I uninstall the VFR or will the ORBX work alongside or conflict with the VFR?


What VFR scenery is this exactly? And you mean ORBX FTX Global, right?


- Photoreal has to be disabled (not uninstalled) but is not affected by FTX Global in any way.

- Non-Photoreal: ORBX FTX Global automatically makes a backup before installing, so you should not be at risk. I would keep the VFR scenery it in there.


But to be absolutely sure, make a copy of your main FSX folder (if you did not install it elsewhere it is here: Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X) - just copy&paste it. So you can revert back from FTX Global.

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