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Landing problem due to FMC?


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Hi there,


Need help with my landing problem. Recently I have installed Gareth Smith Bendix FMC & it worked satisfactorily in the air. However when I was about to approach for landing the ILS didn't response.


1- As I entered the approach leg I changed to NAV position

2- As I established the altitude (glideslope captured) I changed to APP button

3- It took my plane into the glidepath pretty well until it arrived to a certain point where the ILS didn't guide through for

landing instead it flies level & passed the runway.


I noticed that this happened when the FMC is in use. Otherwise my landing has got no problem. It also happened at other airport.

A- Is the FMC affecting the landing procedure?

B- Or did I not programmed the FMC for arrival? But if we have changed to NAV it cancelled the FMC, right?


Appreciate any input on this. Thanks

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Does the FMC give your aircraft "Autolanding" capabilities? This sounds like a case for turning off the AP and doing a manual landing.




No.The FMC has no "Autoland" capabilities. Once my approach established I activate the APP button as usual for the ILS to capture. Prior to that the GPS mode has been changed to NAV mode. And yes you are right, when that happened I had to manually land (within less than 5nm from the runway & more than 1,000ft altitude :eek:), therefore no use of the ILS.


Hope this help.

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