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Help - new to FSUIPC


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Hi all

Can anyone make my life easier??

Please forgive me as I am one of those people who want to run before I can walk and seldom read anything!!


In FSX I could use one switch to control landing gear up and down.

Now with FSUIPC it seems to me I have to use separate push buttons, one for gear up and one for Gear down. It works ok like that but is twice the effort and more buttons... am I missing something very basic???





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Guest Robert455

Look through the list of function assignments. I believe you will find not just a gear up and gear down, but also gear toggle.


But also look closely at the function assignment. There is a function that can be assigned when the switch is activated (or button pressed), and another that can be assigned when it is released. On my stick I assign gear down when a switch is thrown to closed and gear up when it is thrown to open. One switch and positive control of gear state.

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