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What do you have in mind, when you say 'successfully'? Identical or better than your desktop? Depends on the hardware. Drop some specs please.


As a general rule, gaming rigs are not automatically ideal for FSX. You can call FSX a computer game if you want, but fact is, it is not implemented like one. And rightfully so, it has a different purpose. So it has different requirements when it comes to hardware than your mainstream 3D game.


Example: a patch of waving grass. The way of a 3D game is to give you a picture of waving grass, and you think 'wow, this looks real' (GTA V...). But if you would simulate a patch of waving grass accurately in real time, I doubt there is a PC available that could pull this off. Just imagine all the blades of grass, all different, all having different internal structures and tiny imperfections in their surface. Now these are set in motion by an airflow (actual wind will be even harder to simulate), moving surfaces generating eddies and affecting the neighboring blades of grass by spoiling the airflow...

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