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How to start FSX with multiple views open


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Hi there, now that I have 2 monitors, is there a way to start FSX with multiple views open so I don't have to reconfigure it every time I fly? I like to have virtual cockpit on the first monitor and locked spot, GPS, and radio stack on the second. I tried setting this up and saving it as the default flight but the next time I still had to start from scratch.


Thanks for any help.

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Well I take back what I said, the flight DID save with the views open. My bad. There are still some problems though.

1. The first supplementary view named "Cockpit - View 01" shows up in the proper place on the second monitor BUT is the wrong size, very small instead of nearly full screen.

2. The radio stack window shows up in the right place on the second monitor and is the right size but radio stack itself only fills about 1/3 of the window and it shows the cockpit view behind it. This corrects itself quickly if I force a redraw by repositioning the window slightly.

3. The GPS window behaves similar to the radio stack window except that in addition to the cockpit view being behind the GPS, the radio stack is also behind it. Like the radio stack window, it corrects itself if I force a redraw.


Can someone tell me how to edit the FLT file to correct these?


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