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Air Hauler...Boeing Damage


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Hi all, i can not find any thing about this problem i'm having. I want to know if anyone has the same issues and know how to fix it.


I'm leasing 2 747-8 and own 3 737-6,8 and 9. Every time I fly them or the AI fly them they get damaged. I've flown each of them more than once with greaser touchdowns, normal rate of climb and descents, standard bank angles, real world weather, clear sky's and low to normal operating speeds. But for some reason they always get damaged so much that the cost to repair them are higher than the money i make from the flight. The cargo never gets damaged also.

I don't have any issues with my fleet of Airbus, ATR, Fokker, or Emb.


Does anyone know how to fix this? I love Boeing aircraft and it'll be a shame to dump them out of the fleet.

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