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Project Open Sky 767-300 Livery Request: Frontier Airlines


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So one day while I was downloading textures for frontier airlines to use for AI routes, I stumbled across a fictional livery for the project open sky 767 that just so happened to be for frontier airlines. I downloaded it and tried to follow the instructions but it ended up not working. Since I'm bad at making liveries, I'm asking those of you who talented at this to help me out. I downloaded a different type of project open sky plane that is for united (still a 767) with a working vc. Since I don't know how to add a vc to aircraft I was wondering if you guys could just change this one for me. If you guys could do multiple animals that would be cool too since I'm going to use them mostly for AI flights. The plane I downloaded in the list for the link: http://simviation.com/1/browse-Civil+Jets-55-70 If you guys can help me out on this that would be awesome!


picture is kinda tiny but ya





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