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VFR Scenery Settings


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I recently got a better PC mainly to run FS9/FSX, a while ago I bought some VFR scenery but on my laptop it was a no go but I installed on this one.

I have a Solid State Drive with Windows 7 Ultimate and a 1TB Hard Drive for the programs which I installed my FS9 on, I have the full set of VFR for the United Kingdom plus I also have VFR Netherlands which has a booklet with it, now in the booklet the suggested settings are NOT to have the sliders set maxed out, this is what they suggest:


Display Settings - Scenery

Terrain Texture Size High

Extended Terrain Textures Off


Display Settings - Hardware

Target Frame Rate Ultimate







Weather Settings

Reduce Visibility to 5 or 10 miles

Reduce number of clouds/cloud layers or turn off completely

Reduce the cloud View distance so as not to exceed the set visibility


Display Settings

Global Scenery Quality - Low

Terrain Texture Size - High

Maximum Visibility - 60 miles

Extended Terrain Textures - Unchecked


Hardware Settings

Ensure Hardware Acceleration Enabled


Now I tried these and they were not too bad compared with the sliders maxed, this was with the Horizon VFR Scenery disks

Also I must admit I was a bit disappointed with the VFR on the whole, I expected it to be better so I may look for something else in the future.

This is on FS2004 by the way.

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Display settings vfr2.jpgI have all of the UK VFR scenery installed, it is/was OK but sometimes I thought it could or should be better, so I started playing with the slider settings.

After a while it got worse so I started from scratch, I put them all to zero then set each one at a time to see the results, then all of a sudden I must have hit on it because they looked good.

Now I understand people have different systems and graphics cards so these might not work on yours.

My system:

AMD FX4100 Quad.


Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 AM3+ Motherboard.

AMD Radeon HD5570 Graphics Card.

1TB Hard Drive (Programs and files etc).

150 SSD (with Windows 7 Ultimate)


These are the FS9 Settings, with these settings my VFR was good plus the sim ran good too.

Display settings vfr.jpg

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Guest lavochkin
Read up on the your video card settings. I have gforce video card and I found a website that explains all the setting in my video card. This helped big time. And you might have manually select scenery in your scenery library and reboot your sim.
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