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Ways of keeping computer cool when running FSX

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My computers runs FSX nicely, but over the course of a flight in gets rather hot. The computer in question is a Dell XPS 17 inch 'laptop' which is more of a desktop replacement, it's quite bulky. While running FSX I already prop it up to give better ventilation, and have opened it up to clean the dust out.


Is there anything else I can do? Would minimising FSX help? Minimising it seems to reduce CPU usage from 20-30% to 2-10%. Will minimising it have any affect on the flight, during cruise?


Any ideas would be appreciated :)

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I have the same laptop. The internal fan died on me a couple years ago, and I managed to get a better one (more CFM) to replace it. It helps.

Being summer, my house gets a tad warm these days, but a floor fan that sweeps past the comp keeps the operating temps down very nicely. I can fly as long as I iike. Can't max out 3D clouds, but other than that...

So far, I haven't needed anything more than that to keep the laptop nice and cool. Heck, I don't even have a problem with garbled text anymore after a while. An external SSD would be a big help though!



Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!

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Thanks for those suggestions. The cooling mats should be good. If I were to use an external drive, how to I go about moving FSX to that? Honestly a bit reluctant to try that give the cost and the fact that recently I finally tweaked FSX to where it's just right, might do it last.


Phantomtweak, would you be able to give me the details of the replacement fan?

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A cooling mat will definitely be the best option and biggest help in cooling. Changing out the internal HHD to a internal SSD wont make a huge difference, maybe a degree or two if that. A cooling mat and keeping it clean is about all you can do to aid in keeping temps down on a laptop. I think minimizing FSX wont give you much change in temp averages, don't worry about your laptop overheating and getting damaged, it will shut itself down before it cooks itself.

Having a cooling mat with a active fan will increase the airflow through your laptop and help force all that hot air out, its as important to keep the external venting clean and clear as it is to keep the intake clean and clear.

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I just took the sides off my computer....a little dusty at times but with modern appliances ...no biggie...and so far no overheating...al v


I recently took the sides off of two of my computers. I was shocked how dirty they were inside! To me, the best way to keep your computer running cool is to keep it clean inside. With all those fans there is a lot of stuff they can suck up floating in the air most of us haven't even noticed.


If I remember, I'll try to clean my computer more often! But that's a big if.

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I've been running my puters with the sides off for several years. Ever since I

started overclocking.. The last AMD box I had, I ran with no covers, and also

a big 120v fan mounted on the side, which had a filter I rigged up.

But with the new box, I find the i7 actually seems to run cooler than the Phenom II,

and I ditched the loud side fan. The new case has three 120mm fans that came with

the case, and the PS has a 120mm fan also, and is bottom mounted. So with the four

large fans, I felt I didn't need any extras. And I still run with no side covers so far.

Even with the fans, it's still cooler with no covers.

My laptop runs pretty hot, and it's only a puny 1.73 ghz or so Pentium single core.

I agree on the laptop coolers with the fans. That will make a world of difference.

It's almost a "must have" if one is running one of the manly "gamer" laptops with

fast cpu's and video.

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