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multiplayer glitch?


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the planes you see in MP are not: "their planes, on their computers, sent to you through the web"


All your compouter recieves is info about where they are and what palne they fly. but the plane you see them in is a plane that is installed on your pc.


If you want your freinds to see your Yak, they will have to install the YAK on their pc's.


The same if one of them flies a PMDG 777 You would have to have that 777 too to see it. If you do not have that plane, you will see something else instead. Possibly a 747, maybe something very different.



I remember something about a MP site that offers substitutes you can install, so you will get enough to see the correct plane. You won't get the full plane (flyable), just some way to display it.

But you were only allowed to use those on their MP server. (can't remember the name.)

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