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FSPassengers- Too Many Features?


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I've seen several very nice videos showing passenger window views and featuring cabin sounds, passenger chit-chat and crew announcements. Most of the vids I've seen don't divulge how they achieved the passengers chatting and cabin crew announcements. One particularly-impressive video I watched was this one:


I Googled "FSX Passenger Sounds" and almost all of the hits are about FSPassengers... however when I go to their website it seems to be all about starting and running your own airline or bush pilot career, nothing at all about cabin sounds, autopilot-generated altitude and V-Speed callouts and/or cabin crew announcements. I did find some mentions of "crewpacks" which may or may not contain airline-specific cabin crew announcements... the video I posted above is specific to Delta Airlines... but I don't want to be forced to create and run my own airline, stuck flying ATR's until I get enough seniority to fly an RJ (etc.) just to get realistic cabin sounds!


I just want some airliner sounds- including:

  • Takeoff callouts- "V1...Rotate...V2...gear up" etc. audible only when in a cockpit view
  • Approach callouts- "300...minimums...200...100...50...40...30" etc. audible only when in a cockpit view
  • Passenger chit-chat with background engine, hydraulics etc. sounds audible only in a cabin or passenger-eye view
  • Cabin crew announcements such as "Welcome to West Podunk. Please remain seated..." blah blah blah


I found callv1.zip in the library, but the callouts are only for altitudes on approach, not V-speeds on takeoff, and are custom-voiced by a German-speaking guy and don't sound like Boeing or Airbus autopilot-generated sounds. I guess I could use them in my Lufthansa planes and pretend the automation is broken so my invisible copilot is doing the callouts... :confused:


Does anyone know how/where I can get what I'm looking for without the clutter/extra cost (to me) of running my own airline as a price to pay for realistic callouts and cabin sounds?

i7-10700K @3.8-5.1GHz, 32GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM, GTR-2060 Super 8GB, 2x SSDs
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It would be easy to use real world audio with the FS cabin views. And you could

mix it with the FS sound so it doesn't stand out. Loads of cabin audio on u-toob..

But I don't worry about any of that myself. I never sit in the back unless I'm showing

that view when making a video.

That would be kind of like when Truman Sparks "my hero and mentor" suggested he do the

first jump out of the plane, when he's the one flying it.

And no frame looks fairly realistic too as far as matching real world views, as if one is up

next to the window, they don't really notice the frame.


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Hi, I was at the same junction once. I ended up with FSCaptain, which does not include the management part.


As for sounds alone, there are some packages out there, but the interaction with the sim is not that great. I tried Drubware once, but was unimpressed.


The FS2Crew packages are very nice and GSX creates a couple of ground ops sounds.


And what I really like for the quick flight, is the simulated captain and FO in the Aerosoft Airbii

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When I had the free version of PMSounds a few years ago, it did have the feature of takeoff speeds and announcing V1 and V2-rotate. There was also a 737 cabin sounds package(can't find it anymore in the library) that gave you sounds like passengers talking, babies crying, etc when the fasten seatbelt sign was turned on.


There is the slightly funky FS2004 panel with a dozen, or so, buttons that give you different announcements. I tried that last year helping the retired French army colonel.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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