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I am the new CEO of TigerAirVirtual. We are a new virtual airline and have a main focus for people who live in Australia as our teamspeak and soon to be FSX server are located in Australia however we are accepting people who are all over the globe!

Currently entry is very simple and easy, you must have a minimum of 20 VATSIM flying hours however we will be accepting people who are below that minimum if they are mature and prove to be a genuine member to our community. In a month or two we will have an entrance exam so be quick! Easy applications are only open for 1 month before we get strict.


Why apply for TigerAirVirtual?

- We have a 24 month (2 year) plan that we have put in place to keep us up for that time period before we go under review again to continue the airlines operations with the current leaders or to choose new leaders.

- We all have a passion for flying and love to hang out with fellow members.

- We have great staff training and are very strict on rule breakers.

- We have a 24/7 teamspeak 3 server!

- Professional, certified IT staff

- Many more!


So, What are you waiting for? Join Now! http://www.tigerairvirtual.tk




Kyle - CEO Tiger Air Virtual

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Thanks mate, thought of starting something different for Australian & worldwide pilots to fly on. Hopefully we get some good pilots. Anyone is welcome on our teamspeak 3 server to ask any questions before joining. Simply join and move to a help channel. A staff member will answer your question if they are online.
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