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Making new XB-70 Edwards AFB scenery! Also; anyone remember and have Wingsware XB-70?


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Hi everyone! (I'm new and I had to upload this thread again - here goes...)

I'm making some scenery for a free download for people to fly their XB-70. It has the whole XB-70 flight line at Edwards AFB with the test GSE gear, stations and vehicles like it was in their actual places as with early NAA/ NASA flight tests in the 60's with the original XB-70 hangar and staging area by the sands.


Also, I am looking for the old Wingsware XB-70 and wish to know if anyone has it and is willing to share a copy. I'm willing to buy it again but, Wingsware is gone and I was one of the people that bought it back in '08 and don't have the download anymore [ :( ] If anyone would do such a thing, it would make me extremely happy with flight-simming!


Back to the scenery: I just started it and so far with ADE 165, created the basic environment of the test flight line. The included pic is the very first try next to a photo of the real thing - I have updated the structures to be more accurate. I used FS recorder to have the XB-70 (model not the Wingsware XB-70 I so wish I could have again) delivered to the staging area seen. I'll develop it much further to include a scenario where you can use chase planes like the F-104, T-38 or H21 helo to chase it (or fly the XB-70). I need to redesign the North American Hanger (hanger # 1820) so the XB-70 can go in and out. I'm using Lockheed's old (round-top) hanger that's next to it for now because it has an interior as default with FSX.


...More to come - I welcome your comments and suggestions. And if you can help me somehow find the Wingsware XB-70 again, it would be awesome! - Take care :cool:

XB-70 Flight prep_1024.jpg

XB-70 Edwards GSE preflight prep.jpg

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