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Cheapest solution for a TV/monitors-combo?

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I would like to get cheapest available monitors to start flying 737/320 in Prepar3D. My main goal is to get used with 737/320 cockpit, instruments and procedures and I'm not really interested to fly just for fun. As far as I know, many people are using 2-3 monitors for a better view. How much will be enough for comfortable training (simulation): 2, 3 or maybe 1 will be enough for me? How do I know? Can I use a couple TV's instead of 3 monitors? I think it will be better investment in case If I'm not going to use flight simulator anymore, so I hook them to on kitchen/bedroom wall to watch TV and movies.


If couple TV's is a good or acceptable option for my needs, then I need a list of popular budget TV's to check their pro's and con's.


Another question: can I use TrackIR with a TV combo? I've seen many people suggest to buy a TrackIR to get better experience and better controls instead of using mouse look or POV Hat on a joystick.



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Hi super jet 100,

The questions you're asking, and the answers you're seeking, are very, very subjective. In other words, what I may like may be something that you'll think is unacceptable.

The first thing we may need to know is what kind of computer you're running - need all the specs - CPU (and speed), GPU (and model of vid card), etc.

Can you run with 2-3 TVs and/or monitors? Sure! Like you said, many people do that - you might want to take a look at home cockpit pictures (Google, or look in the cockpit builders forum) to see what you think might work for you.

Can you use Trackir with a TV? Sure - I do. Do I find it "better" than using the mouse or POV hat? ABSOLUTELY - In my opinion, there is no comparison when it comes to immersion. The only thing that may be better than that is a full-on mock airliner cockpit. But opinions vary and YMMV.


Hope this helps,


E-Buzz :pilot:

i5 4690k @ 4.7gHz (Water-cooled), 8GB ram, GTX 960 2GB, 850 EVO 1 TB SSD, 50" LED TV + 2x27" monitors, Thrustmaster HOTAS, Win 8.1 Pro, P3DV4, TrackIR, EZDOK, a bunch of Orbx stuff, a chair, a hacked-up desk, and a cold drink.
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'Cheap' is not a word you should use in the same paragraph as 'comfortable training simulation'. Every compromise you make will degrade your experience. Why not start with what you have now, and see how it works out? More screens means more computing power is needed. Before you are certain that your PC can run the sim with the necessary performance, you should not buy anything else.


As for TVs - you want a panel with a very low lag (advertized in miliseconds on monitors) when you use TrackIR, or you will get black smearing effects. Don't know if these come 'cheap'. Might be better to get 3 budget computer monitors, their size depending on how big your desk-pit is and how close you are to them (the resolution is the same on 22" and 40" HD, if you get too close to the big one, the picture becomes fuzzy - unless you pay for 4K). I'm using three 24" Asus screens with a 1ms lag. Each was about $100.


Assuming you want the virtual cockpit stretched on all available screen space (NVIDIA Surround capable GPU is needed for that), 2 screens are not an option. You would have the bezel running right through the middle of your field of view.


One other thing concerning 'cheap': P3D is rather expensive and some addons actually cost more than their FSX version. Why not get FSX on Steam? On sale it is $5... Edit: as it is right now if you buy it on JustFlight, until the 20th.

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