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GPS and CustomDraw Map Guidebook updates


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Updates for both the GPS Module and CustomDraw Map XML Guidebooks are available for free download from:





What's new in Versions 2.0?


GPS Guidebook: Descriptions of the 65 FSX-only gps variables, an expanded section on Working with Strings, many updated graphics, and errors found in v.1.1 corrected.


CustomDraw Map Guidebook: Sections on Number Format and Map Object color syntax have been added, many graphics updated, and errors found in v.1.0 corrected.



The GPS GUIDEBOOK: "FS9GPS Module" is an xml guide for working with Flight Simulator’s gps.dll module. It contains definitions and examples of the 321 FS9 & FSX gps variables and 65 that are FSX-only, plus discussion of some xml coding techniques such as ICAO Transfer and Cycle Skipping that are sometimes needed when working with the gps module.


The FS MAP GUIDEBOOK: "CustomDraw fs9gps:Map" is a guide for working with the XML Moving Map gauge in FS9 and FSX. It's a companion volume to the "FS9GPS Module" guidebook.


In addition to the map variables, the guidebook also discusses calibration of XML and CustomDraw map scales so the following XML applications are possible:


- TAWS and TCAS map overlay

- Mouse click distance, bearing, latitude and longitude

- Nearest search centered on mouse click

- Adding flight plan waypoint by mouse click

- Stationary map vs. moving map


I hope you continue to enjoy working with the gps module!




GPS Update2.png

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