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FSX Graphical issue

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I don't usually turn to forums for help, but I am at a complete loss. I have been battling FSX for over two weeks to try and fix this issue. I have done a clean reinstall more than 3 times but of course, nothing happens.


Anyway, my issue is, whenever I go to change something while in-game, weather it is the payload, or instant replay, when I return to my screen, my graphics and textures are all messed up. Sometimes its all white and black, sometimes it's just an aircraft, sometimes there is nothing but grass, sometimes there is grass with normal airport lights and traffic. I have asked some Facebook groups but they just tell me to get P3D and I am NOT planning on getting P3D anytime soon. That would be the very, very, very last resort.


All I want is some help on how to fix this very frustrating issue.


Here are some screen shots of what I see. (photos resized in order for me to post them)


Specs: CoolerMaster Extreme 2 625W, Kingston HyperX1600 16GB Kit, eVGA GTX760 2GB, Seagate 2tb Sata3 HDD Sandisk 64GB SSD, Windows 7 Home Prem 64bit OEM, Asus Z87-K Skt 1150, Intel i5-4560 3.2 GHz 6MB.








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I have had a similar issue on rare occasions. What I do to correct it is hit ALT+ENTER to go to full screen mode, then hit P to pause....wait for about 20 seconds the go back to full screen and un-pause the Sim. Going to Windowed Mode usually makes the graphics look OK and pausing the Sim helps everything to catch up with itself.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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..I don't usually turn to forums for help..


Good for you mate, but if you take a shower, comb your hair and brush your teeth they might talk to you..

Are you using any addon scenery or weather and stuff? Most problems happen whenever we add something.

As I always tell newcomers- FSX is like a beautiful girlfriend who you've just started dating, so don't pressure her to wear a "naughty nanny" outfit too soon or she might throw a tantrum and slap you in the mush..:)

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What are your system specs?, and have you added to FSX lately freeware scenery etc. Duh got them thanks. does moving the sliders back any help or unticking the shadows do anything. Also after you have loaded up FSX go in to your task manager and see what's running in the background and how hard your processor is working. There could be something running in the background of windows that is eating up your CPU workload hence when you try and run FSX it cant load all the textures properly. Did you download anything not related to FSX that could be running in the background of windows. Also you could do a scan for malware to make sure you don't have anything nasty that has sneaked on your system without you knowing that is running in the background.
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