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First time for me and my FSX.


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Addon airport?

Because you can add those birds to an (addon) airport with ADE-X (Airport Design Editor X).

At Baikonur Russia (not a default airport, added by me) I added gulls, crows, a few moving sheep, and a bear moving arond the runway.

At another Airport I added the sound of gulls (not with ADE, that works differently). I should combine that someday.

I think the gulls are default objects, not addon objects from object-libraries, so they are probably present at some default airports too.


By the way, you can see eagles too, if in your fsx-display-settings you set "thermals" to "Natural". In each thermal you will see some eagles/kites. (a kite is a species of bird too.)

(If you set thermal visualisation to "Schematic" you will see the thermals represented by weird green spirals. Makes flying a glider a lot easyer but looks horrible.)


Happy flights, il88pp.

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Yeah like il88pp said, birds can sometimes be spotted circling in thermals in default FSX anywhere in the world, like these over Honolulu-





I sent this closeup shot to a birdspotter and he identified it as a Black Vulture-




MORE- https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?248991-Birds-in-FSX

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