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fspilotshop down??


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Does anyone know what has happening with the fspilotshop? I can't get on the site and my download from my 4th July sale purchase is stuck at 38% (downloadthemall download manager).
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I had the same problem with my megascenery purchases.


I'm pretty sure the problem is their firewall.


I used the Instant Download Manager to download my purchases, and within an hour I had lost connection to the site. This is because their firewall (I'm assuming) sees all the connections as a Denial of Service attack, and blocks any calls from my IP address.


To test this, I changed my IP address - by disconnecting my internet, waiting a while, then reconnecting, and presto, with a new IP address I could start downloading again.


I've contacted fspilotshop about this four days ago but had nothing back.


My fix is to set Instant Download Manager to just do one download at a time, and I haven't been disconnected. If you have a fibre connection, you may want to limit your download speed to something like 500?

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