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Looking for Microsoft "Default DC3" Aircraft Model


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Hi everyone.


some time ago I installed the P3D V.2.5 and as you know , are not the same default aircraft in FSX old.

I took a long time trying to get the original FSX DC3 (for the above textures) and I can not find it anywhere , also have to say that the other default aircraft are not there.

If someone were kind enough to give me this model I would be grateful for the times of the times.


Thanks guys.

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thanks for the answers , and I solved it looking around someone who shares the original FSX aircraft , aircraft only .

By the way , since I 'm in this ... someone who knows how to put interior new views of DC-3 of MICROSOFT i commented before?

I thought I have read in this topic on this forum but I do not remember where is it.

thanks in advance.

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