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"Q-link" - Should be "Q LINK" - aig_tower_release_2.zip


"Sunstate" - included in stock EditVoicePack


"Jetstar" (as callsign of Jetstar Australia) - included in stock EVP

-> Jetstar Asia : "JETSTAR ASIA" - aig_callsign_jetstarasia.zip

-> Jetstar Japan : "ORANGE LINER" - jetstar_japan_editvoicepack.zip


"AirAsia" - not a callsign

->Air Asia X : "XANADU" - asiagrcl.zip

->AirAsia : "ASIAN EXPRESS" - aig_tower_release_2.zip

->AirAsia Indonesia : "WAGON AIR" - asiagrcl.zip

->AirAsia Thailand : "THAI ASIA" - asiagrcl.zip


"Scooter" - aig_tower_release_12.zip (no idea what it serves for...)


"Go Cat" (Tiger Airways) - I have it, but no idea where from...


All mentioned files are here in the library.



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