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Interesting AI Traffic Phenomenon (Aerosoft MyTraffic 2013)


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Just now I was making a routine short hop from EICK (Cork) to EINN (Shannon) in VFR conditions when I noticed several AI flights in succession go missed at EINN. There were no runway obstructing flights, no weather issues, no other flights cleared to land at the same time, they just started going missed as they came in following clearance to land. I was third in the pattern, after landing and clearing the runway i shut down and watched the Ryan Air 737 behind me come in on short final. He looked quite high and sure enough declared a missed approach on very short final, gear up, increased power and off he went. He eventually circled back and landed correctly.


I am at a loss how to explain this behavior. I initially thought there may be an airport elevation issue with the scenery I was using (ORBX Europe Open LC) but I doubt that very much as its a very widely used add on and I haven't seen any issues reported for EINN.


Maybe Aerosoft MyTraffic has declared 30 June to be "missed approach day" at Shannon?


Anyone have any explanations?

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Could be an issue with the AFCAD at the airport. Happens to me sometimes when the AFCAD is messed up. When I was at MSP, Some planes were landing in the river. AI aircraft always have weird behavior.
Signed, Roger Murdoch-Co-pilot.
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At the beginning of a session AI aircraft spawn at their cruise altitude, some already very close to their destination, resulting in Stuka-type approaches and go-arounds.


Once the AI gets "stabilized" the issue should resolve itself. Not a specific MyTraffic issue btw.



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