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Propellers and mix

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Depending on the aircraft type, propeller control and mixture control may play a big role in power management. Aircraft such as the Cessna 172 and Piper Cub have fixed pitch propellers, so there's no prop control, while Bonanzas, Barons and such have variable pitch (generally constant speed type) propellers, so the control is needed.


The mixture control is used in almost all piston engined planes (I'll ignore the few exceptions here) and adjust the fuel/air mix for optimum combustion. Generally it is set to full rich at sea level, but is leaned somewhat during cruise or when using airports at higher altitudes (most of the Rocky Mountain states, and elsewhere, too).


I'll suggest that you search here a bit or look in the Real Aviation Tutorials and FAQs below for some additional information. Also there are practice sessions in the flight lessons in FS.


Larry N.

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Set your Auto-Mixture control to off in your FSX settings and download just about any Milton Shupe or Manfred Jahn Prop aircraft from our File Library. Within about 5 minutes after takeoff, if you don't adjust the prop RPMs, you will go down in flames. The mixture control, if not adjusted as you climb, will have a lot of effect on engine power and performance.

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