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Problems with the fuel system design

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I'm a 727 pilot and normally when the engines start proced it's started,,you only put 1 fuel pump per engine due to the elec load limitations of the apu,,1 hyd b system pump on, and all crossfeed valves open to pressurize the crossfeed manifold,



1- df727v2 needs all pumps on to start engines

2-inflt df727v2 with main tanks 1,3 with 9000lbs and center tank empty,with tank to tank conf on xfeed valves causes to flameout engine N2, this never happends because xfeed manifold pressurizes the fuel lines to the engines,but df727v2 does.

3-inflt start on d727v2 requieres all fuel pumps on , on an empty fuel tank!,,,on order to make a engine grd start inflt.



i dont see the pourpose to select unlimited fuel on the realism panel to mask this problems,,,


pls check


regards to the designer

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This aircraft was released over 10 years ago for FS9. It was then and still is now one of the best modelled addons for the sim. Any differences such as you point out about the fuel pump operation are not going to be addressed.


I am however curious about why you would operate the aircraft with centre tank empty when normal procedure is after takeoff to use tank 2 until all three tanks have the same quantity, and then run tank to engine?

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