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Scenery Installation


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Has anyone seen this before. I am trying to reinstall my PC following a major crash. I have FSX reinstalled and I am installing all my Airports.


I have a mixture of Fly Tampa, UK 2000 and Aerosoft airports.


I install using the installer, then load FSX, However when I go into the scenery they are not there. Check in Scenery Configuration tool and they are not there either.


If I manually add the area into FSX or using the scenery configuration tool this works. Just don't want to have to do this for all 100+ airports



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Windows 7 has a glitch whereby there is a different method of adding the scenery in FSX.

See the link for a tutorial on how its done.




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Thanks But I know how to do this.


I am talking about when I run an aerosoft installer. I install the scenery to d:\fsx\aerosoft. I can see the folder is there and the scenery and texture folders underneath.


Usually when you run FSX it builds the new sceanery. You can then go into the sceanery and see the newly installed ones (e.g Mega Airport Oslo)


However I don't see these. If I manually add them in they appear in the list, but they do not go in automatically like they used to.


I have checked adding manually works ok, but I have over 100 airports to add back in and its a PITA


Does the same with All airports Fly Tampa, Aerosoft and UK 2000

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It sounds as if the path in the registry is set to the wrong location.


((I'm definetly no expert with the registry, I'll share what I think I know... ))


Installers looks at that path to do the activation in the library.

(I assume that when installing the scenery you choose the fsx path manually, so the files do end up in the correct folders)



Two reasons for the registry path to be incorrect.

-Uninstalled FSX, reg entry not fully removed, Windows not reinstalled, Reinstalled FSX, reg path still incorrect for some reason.


-Formatted HDD and reinstalled Windows. But then, started fsx installer, chose a path, changed your mind halfway though, cancelled install. But reg path already there.

Then started fsx installer again and managed to install to second location. Still reg path wrong somehow.


(Seems strange the fsx install worked and that reg path is incorrect, but possible.)



There is a registry path fixer for FSX.

fsx_reg_utility.zip ---In the Flightsim.com library.


The utility has two sides to it.

1 - It detects the current install path for FSX and displays it to you. So you can check if it's correct.

2 - It has a second tab where you can set the install path yourself if you find out it's incorrect.



Handle with care of course.

Make sure you know what you are doing.


(And be aware it may not fix everything. There are many reg keys involved with FSX, and this fixes only the 2 installer path keys. It may not fix your issue and you may still be forced to reinstall.)


But it will show you the current path.

That should be of some help at least.

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I should advise to check the path and if it's wrong, to report back.


I should not advise to change the path as I don't know if that could even make things worse.


(maybe changing the path is futile, and are more rigorous things required.) Just check the path and report back for more advise. (from others.)

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