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Help with blurry 2D panel graphics!


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Hey guys,

My FSX suddenly started to blur my 2d panel graphics. I looked up heaps of threads but none address this specific problem :(


Only my 2d panel and shortcuts (shift+2, shift+3 etc...) are blurry for ALL planes, VC quality is fine.

This happened before and a reinstall fixed it but I rly want a quicker way to repair it.


Btw, my global resolution/ aircraft settings are all maxed out.


Thanks guys



Processor: Intel i7-4510U, RAM: 8GB, Windows 8.1, Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 840M

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yeah. they just suddenly became blurred even though no settings have been changed.

I could delete the gauges folder and do a repair from the installation disk, but i have a million add ons and im not even sure that would work.



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What type of filtering are you using? Also do you have Antialiasing checked in your FSX settings or in your NVidia settings? Have you set up your NVidia control panel settings?



Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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