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Advice for display options in general

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I'm building a cockpit for a GA plan and having a problem picking an option for the main display.


At first I was shooting for three 27" LCDs for the main display. This is great when at a computer (you sit right in front of the center monitor) but in a cockpit you sit slightly to the left, which puts you in front of a bezel. I'm not sure how bad that will be...? That would be a total of 5760x1080 pixels.


Alternatively, I could use two super-wide monitors. Haven't used those before, but it looks like each could do 2560x1080 which would be 5120x1080, with a bezel in the center, which could be more "realistic" and less annoying?


If anyone has experience with these options and has advice, please let me know.


Also, although my graphics card (GeForce 980) can support up to 5 displays at once, I still think a triplehead2go would be good because (a) it frees up the other graphics card ports for other stuff, like the panel display, GPS, and perhaps a left and right side view, and (b) it has bezel management.


I know my video driver has wide view & bezel management features much like triplehead2go, but it has to be applied to ALL attached monitors, which is a pain (i.e. show stopper) if the 2D panel is one of them. Alternatively, I could get a second graphics card for the other displays, which might be cheaper than a triplehead2go, assuming I can fit one into my PC case.


I'm also not sure if there are performance differences between using three monitors hooked into a card directly vs into a triplehead2go first and then into a single graphics card port. Anyone compared the two?

Intel i7 4790K 4Ghz / GeForce GTX 980 4GB / Asus Maximus VI Extreme / 16GB DDR3 @ 1600Hz

P3D v2 + ORBX / CS-1 Stallion (under construction)


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