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Fsx stock scenery?


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I was wondering if anyone has noticed any areas that maybe Microsoft spent extra effort in FSX...Better quality scenery or perhaps personal preferences ...usually when someone makes something they put more effort in certain areas and was wondering if anyone has noticed anywhere more detail was added.....


I was also wondering if anyone knows of anyone in the TENNESSEE AREA that builds REAL ULTRALITE AIRCRAFT or even surrounding states !!


any ideas are appreciated !

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Hi 5%,

If you look in the main FSX "Scenery" folder you'll find some folders with names that are not simply numbers. By examining the contents of these folders you'll find file names that are clues to areas with scenery that's above the generic level.

Jim F.

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Other than the ill-fated and short lived Flight, Microsoft hasn't made any effort at all since Acceleration was released.

These sites have a comprehensive listing of freeware scenerys:






For payware it doesn't get any better than Orbx:





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