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VC eyepoint question

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I downloaded pa32xvc.zip which is designed to adapt the default A321 vc to Project Airbus A320 & A321. It said it may work with a PA A319 and when I tried it, it put me looking at the outside of the cockpit door and when I turned round, at the rear of the plane's shadow on the ground.


I'm guessing I need to move my VC eyepoint a bit further forward to get me in the cockpit of a 319. Am I right and if so how would I do that?


(Sorry if this has been asked before.)



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Hey neil,


The eyepoint for your VC can be set by going to your aircraft.cfg and searching for the line that starts with "eyepoint=". It'll look something like this:


eyepoint= number, number, number (these are x,y,z coordinates)


My main computer was damaged recently and I can't access anything flightsim, but if your eyepoint is set, for example, too far forward of where it should be, you can increase the first number and get it right by trial and error.


Good luck!


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Hi neil,

The correct order of the eyepoint variables is Z(longitudinal), X(lateral) and Y(vertical). When you say "looking at the outside of the cockpit door" that indicates a incorrect value in the panel.cfg Views section. Those variables are Pitch, Bank and Heading. Heading should be zero to look forward.

Jim F.

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..I need to move my VC eyepoint a bit further forward ..


Piece o' cake, just hold down the CTRL backspace keys..:)

(If it's not what you're looking for, edit files like the guys have suggested)



(Hold keys down to slide your eyeballs)

SHIFT Enter= Up

SHIFT Backspace=Down



CTRL Backspace= Forward

CTRL Enter= Back

Hold CTRL and hit SPACE= Reset


For example here are some shots from different eyepoint positions-














PS- you can also use the zoom keys (- and =) to further get it looking exactly how you want it

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