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I have dislocated the files for my GPWS and Runway gauges.


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Lately I have been attempting to place my FS9 folders where they ought to be ........according to various the instructions of numerous long time, very experienced posters on the forum. In shuffling my files around, I seem to have dislocated the voice files for GPWS and whatever file makes the Runway Gauge work properly.


I had numerous sound folders in with the Aircraft files. I moved all of them to C:\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Sound. Now the only GPWS gauges that work are the old Boeing 727, 737 ones. All the other ones have no voice callouts. The yellow bars still illuminate (on a few of them, the older 2002 ones) but there's no sound. The later ones just show a black box on the panel screen.


The Runway Gauge still will allow me to put up the purple bar and type the airport code but when I hit enter, the purple bar disappears with not data being placed. I think there's an .xml file that controls this. Does anyone know what file I'm looking for?


When you're thinking about what steps I need to take to correct this error on my part, please keep in mind that frequently when I pasted a folder to the Sound file, I'd get a box saying if the files are the same name the program will overwrite them. I was thinking that it was doing what it was supposed to, cut back on duplicate files in the system.


If any of you smart folks know what I did wrong maybe you might also know how to get me back to full operating condition. I sure need some assistance on this before I decide to dump it all and start over with a full reinstall.


If you made it this far thanks for at least reading what I did wrong.

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