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UTX Canada and FSX SE

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Trying to decide to go to UTX Canada, do the ORBX gig, or go native.


First a little history to understand my quest. I used FSX for years but gave up on it due to constant CTD's. Then I went to P3D until it crashed more than I had patience for. Then I found MS Flight and was content with it's stability and awesome graphics, but after years of that I have run the adventure of HI and AK its course. I have returned to FSX recently with the version for Dovetail sold through Steam. I find I am impressed by it's stability.


I am in New Brunswick on the East coast of Canada. In the past I used UTX Canada. It could only use FSX without the Acceleration pack. If I used Acceleration pack the land class would be all screwed up. I lost my copy of UTX Canada in my last move.


I now want to improve the scenery of my area of the woods form the FSX default. And am apprehensive of spending the $ for an add on that might behave the same again on the FSX SE. Has anyone here tried it?


If it is all buggered I guess I could try ORBX Global, Vector, and OpenLC NA when it comes out. I tried the Icelend demo and was disappointed in the disappearing runway bug. I know the newest Vector patch is suppose to enable an automatic airport elevation fix by some sort of disabling but I don't know if it makes the airport unusable or unlandable or simply what effect it has. I also read that the more accurate road, river, shoreline, airport data stands with UTX but of course ORBX is nicer looking. If that is true I am more inclined to go back to UTX as the accuracy is more important than looks to me.


Thanks for your thoughts.



I7 930 3.0Ghz 6G ram, 2G DDR5 NV 680, Win 7 64, FSX SE, Lots of Saitek panels/controls, Track IR5, 60" LED TV 30" from my face.

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I have used UTX Canada in my FSX Boxed addition with no problems at, and I have the Acceleration pack as well. I never had any problems with my land class that you experienced. I have not installed it into my FSX-SE. I have UTX in my FSX-Boxed, and use FTX Global in FSX-SE. For me, they are both very stable, and I haven't had any crashes using them. I find that I prefer UTX. I live in the US, and I have noticed the UTX is quite a bit more accurate in landclass placement, and the positioning of lakes and railways than FTX Global is. If I had to stay with one, it would be, without a doubt, UTX. And with the new lighting effects with version 2, I like it much more than FTX.

Intel I7 3770K, ASRock Z77 Extreme4 mb, 16gb Corsair Vengeance, Nvidia GTX970, Realtek surround sound, 5TB WD Black SATA Drive



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