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FSX ReInstall Problem


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So, I recently uninstalled FSX(Acceleration) so I could have a clean sim, right? During the uninstall, I get this error: Flight Simulator X must be activated before you can install Flight Simulator X: Acceleration. Activate Flight Simulator X and then run setup again.


I don't understand how to activate FSX before I install it. Can someone help me out?





My specs are: AMD Athlon™ II X2 235e Processor 2.70GHz, Windows 7 64-Bit

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Installing fsx acceleration is not just installing one DVD that says acceleration on the front.


THe install goes in two steps.

First youu have to install FSX De Luxe (2DVD's).

You then activate FSX DeLuxe.


Then you reboot.


Then you install fsx Acceleration (one DVD)

Again activate.

Do a short flight.

And reboot the computer.



So to install FSX Acceleration you need in total 3 Dvd's. (And two licence codes, one for Acceleration, one for DeLuxe.)


FSX Deluxe was sold seperately. (2DVD's)

FSX acceleration was sold seperately (1DVD)

And there was also a bundle offer, called 'the FSX Gold Set'. This had all three Dvd's, and the licence codes of course.


Acceleration is not a standalone program. It is sort of an update to FSX De Luxe. If You have only the Acceleration DVD, you can't install.

You will need to install DeLuxe first.

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