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This may seem stupid or weird but for some reason recently my planes in FSX seem to reach maximum speed on take off. Just after I retract wheel I have to set throttle Idle as it's already pushing its maximum. Even on cruise its hitting overspeed. If anyone could help it would be nice thanksss


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Is this with all aircraft? No AP/AT set? N1 should never be at 100% for takeoff power. 90% should do the trick. If using a joystick with a throttle control, has it been calibrated?

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You say cruise. I expect by that time the autopilot is on.

Make sure you also switch on the autothrottle. Those two work together.

If you have the autopilot on and forget the autothrottle, you can easily have the throttle to far open and go to fast.


Especially when reaching the top of the climb.

While climbing you need a lot of thrust. In level flight you will need less thrust. So you must control the thrust well when coming to level flight,or let the autothrottle take care of it.


Even if you are climbing with the autothrottle and autopilot on you must be aware of this. Well before reaching your cruise altitude, gradually reduce the climb rate. In such a way that when you reach cruise altitude you are only climbing with a vertical speed of 100 to 500 ft per minute.

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Try default planes ans see if idle is still too much power after lifting the gear and at cruise.

Not all FS models are created correctly.

Make sure you are using 100% on all your realism sliders.


Report to us which of the planes you tried seem to behave correctly, and which do not.


As hinted above, 100% power after take off is not a common practice and 100% power at cruise is never a common practice in the real world. However, idle on take off or at cruise indicates there is something wrong with your realism settings or the model itself.

The unaltered default FSX planes model power levels very close to real world.



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