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Issue with engines?


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G'day all,


So I've been messing about with a B-57 Canberra I have, and 'fitted' it with Rolls Royce Spey 511 engines. Got an appropriate sound pack, edited a few parameters in the aircraft.cfg, and I appear to have come across an odd issue.


Basically, at higher altitudes (FL300 and higher), the engine seems to lose thrust if it runs at full throttle. I'm cruising at lets say FL360, and set the autopilot (I've fitted it with the stock 737-400's autopilot) to increase speed from lets say Mach 0.76 to 0.82. It increases engine power, as expected, and the aircraft will accelerate, but after about 10 seconds, the engines seem to rapidly lose power (no difference in N1/N2 speeds) and the aircraft starts to decelerate. If I disable the autothrottle and manually throttle back to about 90% power, the engines pick up and the aircraft accelerates again.



Is this just physics at work, or have I messed something up somewhere?



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"edited a few parameters in the aircraft.cfg"


I would edit the same parameters in the .air file as well, not all of the .air file parameters are over-ruled by the .cfg ones. Check that the EGT parameters are within limits for the "new" engines as they could be overheating at full throttle. Max take off EGT should be 585C, max continuous 540C for the Spey 511.

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Did you turn ON the Pitot Heat (Ctrl+H)?

Chuck B


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