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Welcome to Fly Virtual! Let us take care of all of your virtual aviation needs and keep it all under one roof. We're not just another virtual airline, we are a comprehensive virtual aviation network supporting today's popular flight simulator platforms. Fly Virtual allows pilots maximum flexibility to fly everything from realistic air carrier routes to pattern work in a C172 to bush flying Alaska or the Congo.


There is no testing or hour requirements letting you pick any aircraft you want to fly. We have over 150 airlines loaded to our system and add more all the time. Our route system currently has over 25000 flights and we're adding more every day allowing pilots a world of choices. If the route you require is not in the system, pilots can easily create a flight using smartCars 2 in just seconds.


The network sponsors many events and tours along with group flights on Vatsim and our own FS Host server. On special occasion Fly Virtual even offers prizes for events. Members easily get information and flight sim assistance on our Facebook page or on TeamSpeak where they are in touch with members having decades of flight sim experience.


Flying and having fun is what we are all about here at Fly Virtual. Stop in and have a look around!


check us out at http://flyvirtual.net/

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