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Transfer FS9 files from one PC to another


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Hello all,

I've have lost my FS9 1,2,3 disks but have the 4th, and would like to reinstall the files from my old PC to my new one. Of course I can't reinstall it with the install.exe so is there any way to transfer the files with a flash drive? I don't mind about losing the payware addons because I still have the installers. I just need to know if it's possible.



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Hi there,


Yup, can do. Copy the complete main FS folder, from Program Files onto a flash drive. Also, copy the FS folder in 'My Documents across as well. Past both into their respective new directories on the new PC.

(BTW, I use a copy program called 'Teracopy'from http://www.codesector.com/teracopy. It's a VERY fast copy program)


Then, from http://www.flight1.com/view.asp?page=library, download & run the 'FSX/FS9 Registry Tool. That will sort the registry out.


That should sort things out.





Cape Town, South Africa

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