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PCA DC-4 "The Capital Airline" over the Great Lakes (FSX)

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The early morning flight from Grand Rapids (Michigan) over Lake Michigan and Lake Superior to WaWa (Ontario, Canada)


FSX Gold Edition

Freeware DC-4 V30X.zip by Jens Christensen

Freeware beautiful PCA livery by Gary Harper

Freeware Grand Rapids Airfield scenery

Freeware WaWa airfield scenery

Freeware HDE V2 clouds

Default FSX scenery


(Please click on the pics to enlarge them)























Heading North



More in the reply****

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Nicely done, Jan my friend, well done indeed. :)



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If I could sum this flight up in one word I would have to go with 'heroic'. :D


I totally agree! It's amazing to me how Jan managed to stretch the glide so very, very far to a safe landing after all four propellers fell off in flight!


Great shots and supernatural dead-stick piloting, Jan!

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jan, u always find the coolest freeware! one of these days if I ever have the energy, I'm gonna go thru all your threads just to make a list of them. excellent pics my friend, and welcome to my side of the pond!

Phil Colvin


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Great set of shots! I'm very impressed that water was used as scenery and not for landing purposes!:rolleyes:;) By the way, I did borrow that aircraft for some trial flights, thanks!

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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You know Jan, they have some mighty big geese in Wawa. Hitting one of those could cause some damage. ;) — Bob



(picture from our last time in Wawa, 2008)



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