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Plane keeps crashing at gate


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Not all gates are made for all planes. Look at the gate description and you'll see small, medium, large. Match the gate size to your plane type and if that doesn't work, just select the large/heavy every time.


While in the loop, if you catch it right, during the load % progress bar, there is usaully a slight hesitation between 80 and 100%. During that hesitation, the sim will allow you to press a key which will become active as soon as the plane loads. I usually press P for pause, or Y for slew mode to stop the crashing loop.


If you still cannot match the gate size to the plane size and just HAVE to use that gate:


Load the plane at another nearby gate which works and slew to the troublesome gate being sure your plane is not touching scenery and pause. With brakes set, save the flight and give it a meaningful name. For now on, when you want to use that gate with that plane, restore the saved flight and there will be no crash loop.



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Testing gate C16 (Heavy Gate) at Default KORD with my 747. It is an instant gate crash! I turned off crash detection and took some screenshots. Nothing seems to be in the way so I suspect the developer (original ACES Team) didn't do a great job on the specs for this gate.





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The pink boxes are the object crash boxes...



It looks like the nose of the 4-7 is in the crash box.


Use a smaller plane, a different gate, turn off the ridiculous crash detection (my choice) or move the parking spot with ADEX.



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Its a bad parking spot placement for the airport. Mr zippy's screenshot shows it well. The nose wheel is way too far forward of the parking marker for the 747 in the picture. The parking placement needs moving back a bit for that gate.
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