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Alternative for runway in use - plane-mad.com


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Hello simmers.


I used very often website plane-mad.com. I wrote in to the google e.g. runway in use LKPR or runway in use LSZH and one of the first links was to website plane-mad.com like this one:




I always found out data about wind, temperature, clouds etc. but it seems that the website is almost one month "down" at least in this section. :(


Do you know any alternative website which has a lot of airports at one place? This website was really great and before each flight I was checking the weather from there. Then I compared it with the weather which I had in the FSX.


Thank you very much and happy almost summer flying :)

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Routes are usually inaccessible for me. 90% of planes and routes in which I'am interested are not shared on flightaware. Sometimes I can find filled route thanks to Swissair other airliners does not fill the route publicly or I dont know. :)
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