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Whisplacer scenery


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I am trying to make some new buiding for FSX. I am using Sketchup, Model ConverterX and Library creator. To put the new buiding in FSX I am trying to use Whisplacer. The wrong thing is that when I export the model to FSX\SimObjects\MISC\WHISPLACER_SCENERY, I get a CFG file "model" without guid number, so the new buiding do not appear in FSX. Can someone give me any suggestion?

I use Windows 7 64 bit. Thanks giorda35

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FSX can't read a .MDL file. It must be a .BGL file. First open your model in Model ConverterX. Now open the "Object Information" which is the icon of a printed page with a magnifying glass. Does it show that the object has a GUID? If not click on the "set new GUID" box to create one. Now you need to create a .BGL file from your .MDL file.

Click on the "options" box at the top of the MCX page and then click on "Exporter Settings".

Under "BGL Writer" make sure "Keep XML" is set to true and under "MDL Writer" make sure "sample XML" is set to true.Now when you export the model you will get an MDL file and an XML file. You can use the xml file to create a bgl file. To do that you need to have the SDK installed on your computer from the FSX discs. If you do it's simply a matter of opening the SDK, click on "Environments Kit", click on "BGL Compiler SDK" and drag and drop the XML file onto the "BGLComp.exe". A BGL file will appear next to where you have your XML file. Put the BGL file in the FSX and you should be good to go.

I don't use the Library Creator so I don't know if it creates a bgl file. This is how I do it.

Hope this helps!



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Thanks unclegreg,

I know what you say but, unfortunately. I only know library creator to get bgl files, so I do not understand why I am no more able to get in FSX new objects.

Many thanks for your interest giorda35

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