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TDS 737 all versions


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I am trying to install the payware Friendly Panel 737-800 to the TDS 737 7,8& 900's I have install in FS2004. It comes with the default 737 panel where all the lights work correctly. I have attempted to follow the procedures the TDS read me file says about using other panels and adjusting the CFG file with what the said needed to be changed in the CFG files. So far just the landing lights and Nav lights are the only lights working. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I am trying to get the FSPanel Studio 737 panel payware from the pilot shop to work.





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Thanks I failed to in c lude those folders into the new panel c older. All lights and ground functoons sre working except the dang hazard lights but at least the TDS aircraft are working correctly with the FSPanel 737 panel.
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