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GEX v2.01


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I might as well wait for that , any idea how long?


I think it's out now. The home page here is advertising it. (Version 2.10. I assume that's it?)

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I'll ask the same question I asked on that page. About 2 months ago i had the change to upgrade to 2.0 free IF i bought another piece of the GEX. So i bought the Tropics for $29 and now comes this upgrade, and, i guess they are asking for another $29 tariff. I'm just asking, since i have the 2.0 already if this upgrade is necessary. If so i guess it goes for full price.

Brian W.


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Glad I saw this thread. I opened the GEX interface today and noticed I have 5 updates to install. 2 of them are already up to date. I'm curious to see what has been improved in the 5 remaining areas I need to install.

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