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Rex failure

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I use Rex essentials and I load the real world weather weather manually, by clicking fly now once I've loaded the aircraft and everything and it says loading real world weather and then it comes up with a message saying "couldn't load textures (or something like that) please check they exist and try again" and then the whole screen goes sky coulour where all I can see it the cockpit,

Can't use the Rex forums either because they are a blocked site on the network I use

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I don't use Rex, but sounds like it's missing some cloud textures or something along

those lines. I re-install Rex. Maybe that will replace the missing textures, unless the

sim is squawking about other textures not related to Rex..

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Has it worked in the past, or is REX a new addition to FSX for you. I cant understand why your network would block the REX site, what's your network?. There are ways of getting around being blocked from a site, but it depends on the network and the country you are in, so I cant help you anymore with that unless I know, so I can give you a work around. If REX has worked fine for you in the past then its a setting or something you have added or deleted since getting REX.

I also wonder if you are being blocked by your network to the REX site, them perhaps you maybe now getting the problem of the REX software getting blocked from communicating for data. Does it work ok if you use user defined weather instead of real-world?.

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I can't get on the Rex forums because it's a blocked site on my network


Is this your personal network? You might want to tell your Firewall that REX is a "Trusted" site.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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