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Canadian Coastal VA Announces new Site, new Pilot Reporting System


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After two years of operation, Canadian Coastal VA is pleased to announce our new web site and most importantly a new Pilot Reporting System. Now our pilots can fly our great route network but also can fly TRUE charter flights. Any pilot can decide to fly from any airport to any airport, in any aircraft of his/her choosing. Pilot Reports can also be filed manually, so if you're flying a flight on a tablet you can log that as a VA flight manually.


Our route system is currently being entered into out system and we hope to all routes in place over the next two weeks. Check out our new website at:




Martin CCVA001

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I love the clean streamlined look.


When you say any plane for a charter flight do you mean any of the companies planes or any plane, even non-company planes.


I see that you don't use the Cessna 207, so in the charter example would I be able to use the 207 or would I have to fly it using an aircraft on your fleet list?



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