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Paine field with orbx pacific northwest


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I recently visited the Boeing factory at KPAE. The tour was awesome except you can't take pics. The other day I decided to buy orbx pacific northwest and do some VFR flying around the area. Since I have not been able to find any good scenery for KPAE, KRNT, and KBFI. The orbx scenery is great, at KPAE the actual factory looks pretty good. However the flight line(Boeing ramp) where the planes are at after being built simply does not cut it, as well as the runway that Boeing rents monthly to park planes on.


I was trying to re do the Boeing ramp and the area to the south of the Boeing ramp. However my skills are crap. I have only created my own airport's using afcad and rwy12 (or whatever) for fs9. So does care to try and doctor up Paine field for orbx pacific northwest, or give some really good pointers on how to? I don't have alot of time, or programs. I also use P3D v2.5 not sure if that matters.


Oh I also attached a pic from google earth and from P3D.



Thanks Mike

real KPAE.jpg


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