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Compatibility Questions.


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I'm sure you get this alot, but what addons work with Steam Edition? Or is there something that will convert anything, including payware?




EDIT: Should've put this in, I'm specifically looking at the Carenado Hawker 850, some ORBX regions, and some Aerosoft scenery.

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The Java version of AICarriers does not work with FSXSE. But a Net version is available that works properly.

Your question would likely get better responses if you asked what doesn't work with Steam. I personally don't know of anything else that doesn't. And I have a lot of addons.

Jim F.

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As a rule of thumb, it's not the add-on itself that doesn't work. SE is Acceleration.


The main problem is the auto-installers created for these add-ons which pre-date SE.

SE uses a particular installation path installers do not know about so cannot copy the file to the correct locations. Manual add-ons where the user extracts files and places them where they belong are immune to this problem.


So the question really is: Is there a converter which will just make all the broken add-on installers work? No, and never no. The installers need to be re-written.

The companies which produce currently in-demand add-ons have or are creating new installers for SE.


The BEST way to discover if an add-on has an installer for SE is to visit the support site for that product.


A comprehensive list site which is kept current for SE would be a full time job. Any takers?



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