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Tropical Air Taxi, IFR or VFR?


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Hello everyone,


I am trying to "simulate" air taxi service between tropical islands.


This is short and great way to flight :)




However, i would like to make a proper and well-planned flight, since i am going to do it online on IVAO.


My preferred A/C is DHC-6 Twin Otter.


My departure is FSIA Mahe Island and arrival is FSPP Praslin.


Well dep/arr is vicinity of Seychelles. There are many islands with small airports and airfields.




My questions are below (i know there are too many!)




1- Should i go for IFR or VFR? Weather is almost always clear, wind is calm and visibility is good near Seychelles. How to decide?


2- How to select a cruising altitude for VFR? I read AIP/AIS of Seychelles, seems like its provide all information needed. Is that right way to start planning?


3- Is that possible to use ILS approach on VFR flight plan? Is this a VFR -> IFR or VFR -> VFR flight?


4- I am going to do same flight with Cessna 172. It does have all necessary equipment for IFR as far i know, so i can go for IFR, right?


5- I am little bit confused about terms IFR, VFR and Visual.


Does Visual approach changes flightplan to VFR? As far i know, Visual Approach is a part of IFR. So flightplan should be stay same, right?


Why and when Visual Approach needed? Is this possible to do Visual Approach on ILS runway? (Ignoring ILS and doing whole thing visually)


So is this possible to do Visual Approach in VFR flight?


What's the equivalent of Visual Approach in VFR?


Or am i getting this completely wrong?


As i understand, Viisual Approach is the VFR's itself. Because whole thing visual. So how about opposite scenerio?


Can i use ILS approach on VFR? And does it changes flightplan to VFR->IFR?






Any help and idea would be great.


Thank you all.

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